About Julian Parker Ltd

Julian Parker has been involved with vintage vehicles for most of his life. He started a business restoring them in 1986. His original trade was panel making and as a result he was exposed to a variety of old machines and coachbuilders, developing his talents which are expressed in the beautiful coachbuilt bodies produced by his company today.

His interest in conservation started during the late 80’s as he became concerned and despondent about the amount of wonderfully original machines that were being fully restored, fuelled by a desire to produce someone’s idea of the perfect car.

During these restoration processes, much of the original finishes were being destroyed or damaged and at times there was an amount of re-styling just to suit the owner’s whimsical ideas as to how they felt the vehicle should look. This seemed to Jules totally at odds with the principles of stewardship of these wonderful old machines.


At this time there were few people who shared his appreciation and understanding of these extremely rare and unmolested vehicles but, confident that there would be a market for vehicle conservation, he started to learn new skills to develop his business in this direction. He was fortunate to find discerning collectors who understood his philosophy and dedication and were happy to entrust his team with some of their treasured machines.

Over the past 25 years the Company has been involved in various challenging and fascinating projects ranging from Velocipedes made in the 1860’s to automobiles made from 1890’s to 1960’s. All of their work is fully researched and documented, also where possible, they work with marque specialists to advise upon technical matters, and on completion a document file fully recording all the work that has been undertaken is produced to accompany the vehicle.

The coachbuilding work continues alongside the conservation, with many interesting and in some cases unique projects having been completed by Julian and his team. From constructing hand crafted Ash timber frames to wheeling beautiful aluminium panel work, always with an exceptional eye for detail, this highly skilled craft is alive and well.